MAROO STEELS PVT LTD has been in the steel business for over half a century. As a steel sourcing agent, we offer exceptional value by partnering with customers to plan for their near and long-term needs. We work closely with our steel suppliers to maintain a consistent supply of materials at a fair price. Collaborating with steel producers also enables us to investigate new strategies for improving quality.

We mainly deal with first-class mills. Prices from any one specific mill may not be always competitive. We guide clients as to which mill is looking for orders and which mill is offering competitive prices for specific materials, sizes, coatings, etc. at the time of your order. We believe in providing clients with the best market price from all suppliers and constantly updating clients with market information. 

We update customers by providing them with information from mills such as pricing and strategies, making it easier for customers to make informed decisions. If a sudden special offer becomes available for exports from a mill, we inform our clients so they can take advantage of it. We also follow up to ensure that client orders are processed and shipped quickly and safely on time.

In essence, we act as an interface between clients and vendors/suppliers. We keep clients updated on the status of their orders and address any inquiries they may have.  

Additionally, we work as a buying partner. It will be like international customers having their own branch office in India. We assist customers by circulating their inquiries, negotiating with mills on their behalf in booking orders, and providing timely updates during the production and shipment of their orders. We take care of the customer’s order from the inquiry stage until they receive the material.