MAROO STEELS PVT LTD has been in the business of procuring steel for over half a century now.

As an integrated supplier, we offer exceptional value by partnering with customers to plan for their near and long-range needs. We work closely with our steel suppliers to maintain a consistent supply of materials at a consistent price. Collaboration with steel producers also enables us to investigate new strategies to improve quality.

We offer fair and competent negotiating partners and the conduct of negotiations. We provide comprehensive and timely technical and commercial information which is relevant to your applications, so that you don’t have to to sift the irrelevant information.

With direct relationships with the world’s steel mills and direct lines to alternative sources, we have outstanding access to products that match virtually any performance specification. Our knowledgeable staff often uncover alternative products that offer even better performance, price or faster availability.

MAROO STEELS PVT LTD maintains a deep and broad inventory of prime-specification and application-graded steels.