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This department serves the function of financial risk management that seeks to protect a company\’s value from the financial risks it faces from its business activities. Sunil Maroo (CEO) handles this department effectively for us. He holds the responsibility for the corporate planning and generation of future strategy. some of his responsibilities include monitoring developments to ensure that they are running smoothly and ensuring appropriate strategies are being executed with the effeciency MAROO STEELS PVT LTD is proud of.

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Our Operations department considers the acquisition, development, and utilization of resources that firms need to deliver the goods and services their clients want.  Operations department makes sure that business runs effectively, smoothly and professionally.Mr. Sujit Pal, he in-charge of this department, monitors the company´s performance and efficiency to make improvements and address problems.He understands and develops strategic objectives, designs operations of products, services and processes, and works on improving performance of operation.

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Our Sales team aligns the whole organization with the market and thus, improves the business performance. It consists of an expert team of people developing each continent with precision. At MAROO STEELS PVT LTD, Mr. Tarrak Raawwal (Export Head – Africa, Asia, Canada, USA, South & Central America, Australia, New Zealand), Mr. Dinesh Nayak (Export Head – Europe, Middle & Far East).

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Our Logistics team provides complete support from the time of placing the order till the time of order to delivery. We have a dedicated team of qualified individuals who handle and update on the exact position of clients order. Mr. Amol Chavan (Logistics Manager) and Mr. Sunil Dabholkar (Logistics Manager) are the in-charge of this department. They optimize the logistics services to ensure that there is no deadlock situation between the services and products that are being waited for and their availability.

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International Finance


International finance is one of the most important parts of our process. This team under the guidance of Mr. Joseph Fernandes manages all the financial related matters of your dealings with Maroo Steels Pvt Ltd, having a vast experience our team ensures that all documents and formalities are in place, and we pro-actively assist you in ensuring that things stay smooth even during rough waters.

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Accounts management at Maroo Steels PVT LTD is seamless and lay emphasis on compliance. This team is guided by the highest standards of account management and are fully aware in the processes and compliance that you may need assistance with. They pro-actively take steps and assist you in ensuring that things stay smooth even during rough waters.

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Sourcing and Business Development


Our Sourcing & Development team support dedicatedly to our Export and Import team of our organization. Mrs Sonam Bane is working  in this department since year 2017. She is assisting sales department, in efficiently contacting potential customers and existing companies from our database to establish rapport and researching of new companies / individuals to find new opportunities to develop business performance.

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Ms Shazia Khan has been handling our administration department since year 2018 in a very effective & productive manner with capabilities of multitasking & ability to prioritise the tasks. She is one of the key person between all our internal departments coordinating with each & everyone in our organisation as well as the relative vendors involved. She is passionate about helping find solutions to any challenges.


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