The Team

The valuable guidance of Mr. Sunil Maroo has helped our organization to evolve from being a start-up in history of Steel Markets to being one of the most successful organizations. His insights of industry experience has helped us understand business technology and management. Our team, with its good teamwork and collaboration, add value to the delivered products and services, and address client needs efficiently. Meet the team behind our mission providing comprehensive services :

Mr. Sunil Maroo – Chairman

He is the Chairman of MAROO STEELS PVT LTD. His responsibility is to acquire essential feedback from clients on the offers made by his assistants. He looks after development of new clients and personally follows up on claim requests, if any.

Mr. Sujit Pal – COO

The Chief Operating Officer is responsible for Strategic Sourcing, New Product/Market Development. He acts as a Point of Contact for the suppliers. Basically, he is the Wikipedia for all technical product support at MAROO STEELS PVT LTD.

Mr. Tarrak Raawwal – Export Head (Canada, USA, Caribbean, Africa, Asia & Far East)

The task of Mr. Tarrak Raawwal is to cater customers from western regions like Canada, the USA and Caribbean Islands, Africa, as well as Asia and Far East with countries like Singapore, Thailand, etc… Although these countries are in varied time zones when compared to ours, his customers testify that they have always received a prompt reply. Basically, he is an Export Head of MAROO STEELS PVT LTD.

Mr. Dinesh Nayak – Export Head (Middle East, CIS & Europe)

In MAROO STEELS, Mr. Dinesh Nayak is also an Export Head maintaining customer relations by providing them complete order satisfaction. He tenders to Middle East, CIS & European markets. He also handles all IT solutions at MAROO STEELS PVT LTD.